OmBodhi Team

The people who work at OmBodhi come from humble backgrounds from both, surrounding villages as well as from other parts of the country. Since our retreat falls in rural area, it is important that our local staff get exposure by interacting from experienced professionals.
We provide them in-house training in various aspects of hospitality and service. They are honest and ready to learn more.
Our “Coconut Tree Climber”, Venta, has been climbing these tall coconut trees since his childhood, like his father before him. One can say that tree climbing runs in his blood. He keeps a close watch on the coconut trees and selects the tree he wants to climb to bring us the best available coconuts, which are used in our dishes and also served to our esteemed guests at OmBodhi Retreat. His simplicity, quietness, gentle shy smile adds a special characterstics to the coconut water we serve to you.

OmBodhi Team

What Our Clients Say

“Having a good time here. Very serene beach next to the resort. Staff is very courteous. Food is like home food. Simple and tasty. Rooms are clean and cosy.”

Sangeeta Kar. DEC 2019

“Very serene, lush green. great hospitality. Hygienic home like food. Beaches on the back side, as good as private beach.”

Rahul Singh, FEB 2020