Kid friendly, family friendly beach destination

Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Arabian Sea, OmBodhi Retreat provides a one-of-a-kind experience for the entire family, a lush green 10-acre property by the beach, this family friendly beach destination is the perfect getaway for those who prefer their privacy. There are single, double and family rooms to cater to every need. Take a break from work with your family and kids, away from the maddening crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city to relax amidst the swaying coconut palms and casuarina trees. Outdoor spaces have lots of fascination for children and they keep themselves busy. There are indoor board games also to keep them busy. Enjoy a volleyball, cricket or frisbee on their kid friendly beach or just choose to frolic in the sand or water. Help your kids build sandcastles or simply listen to the sound of the waves as you relax on the hammocks, swings and beach recliners that are available in plenty all over the resort. The beautiful skies, long sandy beach, and the soft golden sand are great for an early morning run, yoga, or simply to enjoy the dazzling sunset. And there is more, you can also request bonfire and plan your own activities. There is also an organic garden where some fruits and vegetables are grown, including some exotic tropical fruits. Come with your families, kids, friends or colleagues to this perfect holiday destination and take back unforgettable memories of blue skies, clean beaches, sparkling waters surrounded by the mountains and the lush greenery.

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Family Beach - OmBodhi Retreat
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