About OmBodhi Beach Retreat

Be your own self…the Real Self

Being judgmental is not the idea…. Relaxation means different to different people….We are here to facilitate
a concept of relaxation without over indulgence.
These days in the name of relaxation lot of noise, loud music and “fun” activities are happening. We restrain ourselves from indulging in all these.

To facilitate your relaxation, WE DO NOT offer:

  • – Loud music
  • – TV
  • – Beach parties
  • – Sea Scooter, Para-sailing and similar activities

We have deliberately left all such stuff off our schedule. You are free to explore the environs in your own pace, be it your thoughtful stroll, observing flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, insects, be receptive to music that nature has to offer.
We do value the physical fitness of our guests, therefore provide facility to play beach volleyball and frisbee.

Enjoy our secluded beach and barefoot walk on the golden sand. The shy little white crabs are fun to watch.

Watch the sea and thundering waves change their hue and colour from silvery to golden as sun moves towards the western horizon, creating breathtaking reflection on the sea and wet sand.

Sunsets at our beach are one of the most beautiful, joyful and insightful experiences. The celestial play between the setting sun, sea and clouds, and the ever-changing colours is an everlasting experience.

We are conscientious in doing our work and all our water from the bathroom, toilets and kitchen is filtered and sprayed into our plantation. In addition to giving employment to locals, we also support a local school.

OmBodhi Retreat Cottage

At OmBodhi Beach Retreat, peaceful beach life, We aim to relex your body, mind and soul. We let you feel the joy under the sparkling sun.

What Our Clients Say

“Very calm and peaceful environment. Excellent hospitality. Very well maintained. Surrounded by beautiful garden and minimal decoration. Decent food options and last but not least great view of heavenly beach throughout the day.”

Raghavendra JAN 2020 www.google.com

“It has beautiful cottages , beach cottage is absolutely beautiful , very well maintained.. friendly staff .. food is really good .. overall it’s a perfect weekend getaway from daily chaos. The beach is pleasant with very few people.”

Mowni vasu, JAN 2020   www.google.com