Cancellation & Refund Policy

(it may be different on the booking portals, please check)

  • To confirm your booking, we require an advance of 100% amount at least one month before check-in.
    • If the booking is cancelled 15 days before check-in time – you will get 100% refund.
    • If the booking is cancelled between 15 days till check-in time or if there is No-Show – you will get no refund.
  • If the confirmed guest does not turn up on the check-in date, the room/s shall be kept reserved for that guest till the check-out time of the following day. The guests must inform us if there is any delay from their side in reaching our property, otherwise we may release the room.
  • If the accommodation / package / excursion / service is canceled by OmBodhi Retreat due to any unavoidable circumstances, then 100% deposit of accommodation / package / excursion cost will be refunded.
  • The cancellation amount will be known at the time of cancellation only. Any transaction or administrative charges in the process of cancellation/refund will be borne by the guest and adjusted with the refund amount.
  • The applicable refund will be returned to the guest in the bank account.

Please Note: During the Monsoon Season (usually June to September), all the verandas/balconies and the restaurant (partly or fully) remain covered by locally made screens to protect these structures from lashing rainfall and high velocity coastal winds laden with salty moisture. In addition, we do not provide beach recliners/beds, hammocks and few other facilities that get hampered during the monsoon season. Our Monsoon Season rates have taken these factors into consideration.