About Owner

Madhukar  is passionate about backpacking, outdoor adventure, experiential education, reading, enjoying music and photography. His life has been a series of extensive experiences across India and over 30 countries. His passion to travel has taken him to unusually exotic and lesser places in Northeast India, Ladakh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands etc and the countries like Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Russian wilderness, remote islands of Indonesia, jungles and waterfalls of Brazil and more.


He is an avid bicyclist, trekker, a qualified mountaineer PADI certified Open Water scuba diver. He has extensively trekked in the Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, including Nepal and Bhutan. Most of his treks have been , and about four times he lost his way in the rugged Himalayan heights but survived to tell the story. He has also been part of a few mountaineering expeditions, including Kangri-III (East) (24,600 feet) in Ladakh and Hanuman Tibba (Himachal Pradesh).

In 1988 Madhukar embarked on a bicycle journey and incidentally became the first solo bicyclist in the world to have reached the world’s highest motorable point, Khardunga La (Pass) (18,380 feet) on a single speed ordinary bicycle. For this feat, his name appeared in The Limca Book of Records.

A play was staged on his solo bicycle journey to the highest motorable road in the world, which was performed by the differently abled children of a non-profit organisation.

He was also featured in documentaries on BBC & Doordarshan, which aimed at promoting cycling not only as sports but also a cheap & affordable personal transport leading to good health and clean environment.

As a scuba diver, he has dived many times under the sea waters of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, remote islands off the Bali coast and islands of Maldives.

Madhukar has very closely worked with various schools in the holistic approach towards education. He had creatively conducted experience-based outdoor programs in the mountains, deserts, wilderness, villages, historical places with activities like camping, trekking, skiing, river rafting, orienteering, survival skills and other adventures. He also developed a child-centric ‘Curriculum in Outdoors’, which is a unique and effective blend of School Curriculum (Environmental Studies and other subjects) and Outdoor Education (Environmental Education and Adventure Education).

Till 2007, Madhukar successfully ran his inbound tourism company as its Director with offices in London and Moscow. Recently he developed an eco-friendly beach retreat on a 10 acres beachfront property south of Goa, where he looks after his eco-vegetable garden, coconut and cashew nut plantation, cows, composting, vermiculture, honeybee farming and more. He’s also into yoga, meditation and promotes living a simple stress-free holistic life.

In addition to photographing various religious and cultural festivals, have also photographed lifestyle of the environmental friendly Bishnoi community in Rajasthan, India, with special focus on their children. Unfortunately the planned children’s book on Bishnoi community from a child’s perspective could not be published in Denmark and search for another publisher is going on.

Delivered audio-visual presentation to several schools and other groups on Mongolia, covering its history, countryside, environment and unique lifestyle & culture.

At OmBodhi Retreat, in addition to providing boarding facilities to the guests, he is engaged in eco-friendly practices, collaborating with local rural community and taking decisions that are detrimental to the vision and progress of the business. He personally takes interest in managing the organic vegetable garden, dirty water filtration, beach cleaning, etc and also engages with local community leaders (panchayat) and rural school administration, respectively, for the village’s and the school’s developmental needs.

An award-winning and Ashoka Fellow consultant, has helped us develop a bio-intensive vegetable garden. Once we master the technique, subsequently we intend to train local communities in this soil-enriching farming model. We understand the art of travelling from traveller’s point of view. We remain highly
sensitive to the need and purpose of our guests to have high quality travel experience – the experience they love to cherish and share throughout their lives. We ensure the safety and well being of our guests at all times. It is the over-riding factor when making any operational decision.

What Our Client Says

“This resort are for those who wants to have some calm and private moments. I stayed with my wife and tbh can’t think of a single negative point about the resort. Excellent food service, helpful staffs and great location.”

Shibswarup Chakraborty. DEC 2019    www.google.com

“Amazing place to visit. Must stay at this resort if visiting Gokarna. The beach outside the resort is heavenly.”

Ananya Kundu, JAN 2020 www.google.com