OmBodhi Retreat

Spread over 10 acres of beach front lush green landscape, OmBodhi Retreat is not just about being free from stress, it is a concept towards a holiday that is congenial towards uplifting our Inner Self. It is an alternate way of observing how we relate to things around us, both living and non-living, and effortlessly be involved with dynamics of both.


Our retreat consists of towering plantation of coconut trees, groves of cashewnut plantation, bamboo, local shrub, “kewra”, which after flowering fills the surrounding area with sweet aroma. In addition, there are variety of fruit trees and other trees all over the place. We even have our own organically grown vegetable garden, which we shall spread further in future. We do intend to have few cows too. There are many green spots, secluded sit-outs for privacy. There are simple pathways joining all the relevant places, rest we have left for you to explore.


At the edge of the property before the beach starts, there are rows of resilient Casuarina trees. This is a common tropical seashore tree known as Whistling-pine or Coastal pine, and is often planted to break high velocity winds laden with salty moisture coming from the sea.

OmBodhi Retreat Beach

You step out on the beach right from our own property without taking any detour or crossing any road or other property. The beach is clean, uncrowded, peaceful, and offers a magnificent view of sunset.

Ombodhi Retreat

We are conscientious in doing our work and all our water from the bathroom, toilets and kitchen is filtered and sprayed into our plantation. In addition to giving employment to locals, we also support a local school.


What Our Clients Say

“As per ambiance and location.. this is best place to stay.. beach resort.. very close to the beach🏄🏂.. its like Private beach Staff also very helpful.”

Chetan K. JAN 2020

“Amazing resort. Beach is very clean and peaceful, not less than a private beach. Good helpful staff, amazing service and fine food.”

Rudhira Dabholkar, March 2020